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  • Exclusive Spa Services & Classes

    • Motives Custom Blend Foundation $50
      A skilled and Certified Motives® Beauty Advisor will perform a consultation and create a customize, personalized foundation for your skin.
      Motives® Custom Blend System is designed to capture individuality and enhance uniqueness using exclusive Motives cosmetics.
      Your skin is unique to you and your lifestyle, and your makeup should reflect that. Motives® Custom Blend Foundation allows you to match your skin tone, create any shade, and highlight or seamlessly conceal any feature. Motives® Custom Blend cosmetics lets you create your own signature look according to your needs, because makeup is not one-size-fits-all. 
      • Mineral-based formula infused with botanicals provides long-lasting coverage with a lightweight feel 
      • Ideal for all skin types 
      • Includes modifiers and enhancers to further customize foundation and target specific concerns 
      • Oil-, talc- and fragrance-free; non-comedogenic 
      • Skin maintains its natural color/tone